I no shit need this shirt.

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This came up twice today.  What is best as decided by someone observing the experience.   If you have an empty –white walled– room, and make an assertion as to what suites that room best, your basis is entirely subjective.   It could be assumed the room has no particular preference regarding it’s state so long as a room it remains when all is said and done.  

What happens when you share the key to that room with another?   You couldn’t arbitrarily say, “I’d like to paint these walls purple and gold because I think it best for the room” and then have no explanation as to what is “best” about purple and gold for a room who has no reference of color.   Against what other measurement is purple and gold “best”?  Does purple and gold still make sense?   Do you actually want that room to be purple and gold?  

I happened to earth tones myself.   I like windows and draping and modest crown molding but I never claimed that to be what best dresses a room.  The best part about a empty white room is it has no real preferences before being dressed.


P:R Approved: Enrique Breccia’s Wolverine For The Unpublished “The Last Wolverine Story” | Project : Rooftop

Old man logan was an amazing series.  I feel like I might not have enjoyed this pippy-longstockings-esque book.  BUT I WAN READ DIS.

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So pumped on this.

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Metal Gear Solid, Sniper Wolf battle

Oh my god I’m at work and have the ability to play this on my vita right now.

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I professionally stare niggas down on the train.


Home boy is sick :/.  Everyone wish Buhler a cheap and speedy recovery!

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Normal Core.

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