My grandmother. My dad on the far left. She eventually had 14 children.
My great grandfather was a preacher who tried to organize blacks in the south, because of this the klan burned down their home and later tried to kill them again  by ramming their car loaded with babies and small children and causing a serious accident, putting my dad and some siblings in the hospital which by the way wouldn’t accept black people so they had to leave and find another one in another city, all the while bloody and injured.
Because of civil rights riots there was a curfew placed on the town, my dad broke curfew at 12 because he wanted a coke from the vending machine across the street, he told me while he walked a pickup truck pulled up next to him and pointed a rifle in his face, they said nothing but followed him back home with the gun pointed at his head, HE WAS 12
My grandfather was also blacklisted, nobody would hire him, rent a home to him, sell a car to him…the klan has members in all areas of life, denying black people jobs, cars and property it was and still is one of the ways they kept black families destitute, and starting your own business was at the risk of your life.
There were many more incidents but after this one my grandmother sent my dad and his older brothers away, she knew they would probably end up shot or hung.
All because his dad was a civil rights advocate.
There are many more stories but I’ll wait till his book comes out which he is working on now.

The reality is, if someone can tell you about a social injustice first hand, then it JUST HAPPENED.   Let me say this, if you walk in the house and smell food cooking you can surmise that either a. The trash is full or b. There’s something in the fridge.  Think about it.

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Took a little 20min break and created the greatest album cover of all time#DRAKESHAKE For more art and entertainment Be sure to follow bosslogicInc on Facebook // Twitter// Instagram 

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We Left As Skeletons


Document #8





Meet Tyree Dillihay—director on “Bob’s Burgers” and creator of the popular web comic “SN’EADS.”


How did you get your start in the animation industry?

While finishing up my undergrad in English at CSUN, I took animation electives and produced a student film called “HIPHOPOLIS”…

I legitimately drool when I know I’m about to fuck someone’s point up in a conversation. It’s not a problem, it’s a fucking condition.

Eye if the tiger and by that I mean stretch marks cover box of frosted flakes.  Fuck you, love me.

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It’s sort of like this

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~    Point 7 of the Black Panther Party Platform and Ten-Point Program, October 1966 (via daughterofzami)


black kids straight up getting killed for being black and white people have the gall to be offended over jokes about them not being able to handle spice and call it “”“racism”“”


First show I’m putting in a while with my good friend Cody.  Both Paterson, NJ and I would appreciate the support in attendance to the first show and a really really really unique, intimate and one of a kind FREE show space.

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